Thursday, September 5, 2013

Does Credit Repair Really Work? (and Other Questions Answered)

1. Credit repair doesn't work! Of course it does! The question is for whom does it work and under what circumstances. The industry wouldn't exist if it didn't work. It would just die a slow death and fade away. The problem is people communicating poor expectations, over promising, under delivering and not treating it like a process but like a magic bullet. Also, how do you define "work" in this context? The vast majority of people see improvements and - under the right circumstances - dramatic improvements. Can you go from a 500 score to an 800 score overnight? No. But with the right coaching you'll be surprised at what is possible! 

2. I paid a large amount but they did nothing. With us you pay as you go and as you get results. I would be similarly skeptical of someone asking you to pay large amounts up front because it removes their incentive to work for you and prove themselves.

3. I'm already in a credit repair program. If you're already in a program and you are not seeing results, you need to ask why not? Are they doing what they need to do? Are you doing what you need to do? Either way, perhaps it's time for a new approach and a new partner. Doing the same things and expecting different results will just end up wasting your time and can even cost you dearly.

4. The process takes too long. Our programs are six-month programs. We've found that is the perfect amount of time for you to see continual results from our process without diminishing returns setting in. I don't agree that a credit restoration company should tell you that you need to be enrolled for years as some do.  We are aggressive, we communicate and we make it easy for you to do business with us. You didn't get where you are overnight. I think people should be prepared that it will take some time to get to a better place

5. Can you guarantee I will get a certain score? It is illegal to guarantee a score. There are too many factors. Quite honestly you should run from guarantees! What we offer is a track record of success. What we offer is a service guarantee. We will do as we promise or you have every right to ask for your money back. The reason we will not guarantee a certain score (aside from illegality... which is a major thing) is because we ask our clients to contribute to the process, as well, and we can't control that side of the equation.  We do all we can to guide you and help you keep moving forward!

6. I need this to happen in the next couple of weeks! It's a process. It takes time. Your scores are typically updated every thirty days plus you have to allow time for creditors and credit bureaus to respond.

7. Can't I do all of this on my own? Think of this like doing your taxes. Of course you have the right to do it on your own. However, if you're dealing with complexities and difficulties, you're almost always going to be better off having a professional tackle these challenges with you. We are going to be faster and more effective than most people can be on their own by far. Plus, you have a job. This is ours. Let us work while you do your own work. Most people end up doing more harm to their situation than good. If you're dealing with sensitive timing, it's best to turn things over to a professional. We've done this hundreds of times. You've done it once.... maybe...

8. It costs too much!  The average client is going to invest about a $1000 into the process, which, I might add, is literally nothing against the savings associated with getting into a home and having lower mortgage payments, lower insurance rates, lower car payments, lower credit financing rates and increased employment opportunities for you and your family.  When you're able to pay as you go, and then save tens of thousands of dollars in real dollars, it really is as close to a no-brainer as you'll ever see.

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Mark Anthony

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