Saturday, September 21, 2013

11 Ways You Can Win the Credit Game

Following the following guidelines will help ensure the best and most favorable results for your credit restoration program. The Credit Score Coach is extremely committed to helping you restore your credit now and forever. Here's what the Coach has to say!

  1. Don’t supply too much information. You may accidentally verify your negative items on your credit history, where it becomes impossible to remove later. 
  2. Don’t deal with collectors, a debt planner, or a credit reporting agency over the phone, unless you are extremely confident and have nerves of steel. A paper trail is important! 
  3. Don’t close accounts for the sake of closing accounts. Some of these may be helping your credit history. 
  4. Don’t dispute positive information. Those positive lines can accidentally get deleted from your credit history if you’re not careful. 
  5. Don’t add the 100-word “personal statement” to your file. They generally do more harm than good. 
  6. Don’t give the collection agencies your banking account information or anything with your financial information on it (bank statements, post-dated checks). Shady collection agencies have no qualms about withdrawing funds from your account regardless if you have enough fund to cover the debt or not. 
  7. Don’t pay the collection agencies with a personal check. Use a money order. Don’t send any payment in until you have a clear written agreement on what will occur after you make payments. 
  8. Don’t send written communication to collection agency via regular first-class mail. Use certified return-receipt requests for all of your correspondence. You will need proof that you’ve sent or requested certain information. 
  9. Don’t assume your credit scores and history will improve just by paying off a collection. Ensure that you have negotiated for the removal of the negative item in question before you pay a collection agency! 
  10. Don’t call a collection agency with your home phone number! Use the many available VoIP services.
  11. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged! Repairing a credit history from bad credit to excellent credit is entirely possible as long as you have the will, discipline, patience and the right assistance. 

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