Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Credit Repair: Can You Do it Yourself?

Can you do it yourself? Of course you can. I'm not going to lie to you or anybody. I even offer a free guide to some things that everyone can do for themselves if you enter your name and e-mail on this very page.

But, truthfully, as to the matter of whether and what people can do for themselves, that's an interesting topic for me. It gets into many issues that touch on what most professionals do, as well. Could people do for themselves what you do for them? Of course they could. However, there is an efficiency and effectiveness to using a real professional that is hard to replicate for most people. Likewise with my business. There are people who choose not to compensate you or other professionals for their services. That's life. However, those who use the best available help are rewarded with outstanding service and results that far surpass what most could do on their own.

Would you cut your own hair? Maybe. Some of you won't get your best results, however. Would you perform your own surgery? Of course most of the "I can do it myself" crowd haven't and aren't doing it themselves. That's part of the reason they're in the situation they are in.

One more thought about the "I can do THAT myself!" mentality.

Sometimes what it really comes down to is some people not wanting others to see their "stuff" up close. I can understand that and I have two responses that you might not like still.

1 - Every true professional I know in any field has seen "stuff" like yours and worse than yours. I see "stuff" and hear "stuff" all day, every day. I'm not phased by seeing stuff. Good doctors don't wince when they see blood and sores. They have to see them to know what you have and what to do about it.

2 - Staying with the doctor illustration: If it truly hurts bad enough, you'll get over yourself and show somebody where it hurts. When people are in pain, they'll get help. So, to other professionals on my page reading this... don't worry about those who won't show you their "stuff" because they aren't ready to be healed.

I'm done ranting now! LOL I promise... most people who meet me say I'm a nice guy! I just get perplexed and then see why it's always those who need the most help who are the most resistant. Then I see that the true key to success was written about by a wise man years ago... "there is safety in a multitude of counsel."

If you want to know more, I do a regular conference call discussing "10 WINNING STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT AND PERSONAL FINANCES" once a month. Anyone is invited to join!

Still there are things most people could use help with. That's where I come in. Results are the bottom line. As you can see, my team gets results. Rising Point Solutions gets results. Contact Mark Anthony McCray by E-Mail or phone at 281-846-5720 anytime!

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