Thursday, December 15, 2011

Honestly? I'm shocked!

I joined the Rising Point Solutions team almost two months ago now thinking it would be a great way to earn more money and help some people get into homes. Easy breezy, right? I mean, I knew the need in Houston for credit repair and thought it would fit well with what I'd been doing in hard money lending. But here's the thing. It's been nothing like I expected!

1. I thought I would be working on people with a lot of questionable situations, but the truth is many people are suffering from tons of mistakes and inaccuracies by their creditors who are either unethical or uninterested in reporting accurate information. Helping people fix/remove the stuff that shouldn't even be on their credit report does wonders!

2. A person with a 760 FICO score will pay over $200 per month LESS for a mortgage than a person with a 620 score. Really it's about $2500 per year and countless thousands over the life of a loan. It's said that most people sell their home and move about every five years. We're talking about almost the price of a car saved from just having better credit.

3. I thought it would be all about helping people purchase homes and I've been surprised to learn how many employers (and even prospective employers) are checking credit scores and histories and using them to determine whether people will get or receive jobs. I might be the last one, but I didn't expect that.

Bottom line is that a lot of people had a rough few years as the stock market and real estate market both crashed. They may have rebounded, but still have some residue of a poor stretch sticking around. I'm glad to be helping solve that problem!

If you want to put a bad credit history in your past, contact or call me at 281-846-5720!

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